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Expanding‧Wandering a midst Unpredictable Infinity


Expanding‧Wandering a midst Unpredictable Infinity


Basic Information

Artist:Guo-Yi Wang


Part A → Length 4020 cm、Width 60 cm、Hight 45 cm

Part B → Length 4680 cm、Width 60 cm、Hight 45 cm

Part C → Length 3550 cm、Width 60 cm、Hight 45 cm

Part D → Length 3210 cm、Width 60 cm、Hight 45 cm




The Concept of Design

Symbolizing a journey of discovery towards “globalization” and “informatization”. Human cultural evolution have originated from our exploration of the unknown. It is rooted in our longing for the infinite unpredictability, our enthusiasm in adventures and challenging the limits.The cool-toned but sophisticated architecture surrounds the outdoor scenic pool with spreading rings…Through this piece of art, the author is hoping to convey his respect and desire for an expedition into the unknown and infinity. Following the spreading ripples…submerging into an unknown culture while drawing across the field a symbol of infinity. Maybe it is also calling upon us to step into and explore the world of the unknown.

Designing the continuous structure with available space; the refined and curving lines are not only parts of the existing space, but also symbols of speedy message transmission. Along with the spatial image originally displayed…, cultural implications of the space are also encompassed within this poetic imagination.


Production Process:


Finished Product:





Public Prticipation: