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The Art Center is the first-level administrative office of the National Cheng Kung University. The Art Center consist of three sections: Research and Planning, Visual Art and Performing Art, and Education and Development. The head of the Art Center is Min-Yuan Ma, the Professor at the NCKU Industrial Design Department.
Established in 1999, the Art Center is committed to promoting artistic literacy education and encouraging the pursuit of humanistic and artistic inquiry in the campus and the community.

Our goals are as follow:
Plan and conduct research based on the integration of the characteristics of NCKU and maintain the art assets of NCKU.
Introduce the contemporary art trends into NCKU's artistic literacy education in .
Synergize internal and external resources to plan and promote interdisciplinary artistic and cultural activities.
Open venues for exhibitions and performances, establish exchange platforms, and jointly promote the development of local art institutions.
Initiate visits between artistic and cultural institutions of schools and develop international cooperation networks.

The Art Center organizes exhibitions, performances, and lectures to provide enjoyment and stimulate active interdisciplinary dialogue.
Believing that the arts are at the heart of a well-rounded education, the Center serves the needs of the general university population, contributes significantly to a cultural dimension of campus life, and continues its dedication to arts education.

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