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The Ultimate Virtue is like Water



The Ultimate Virtue is like Water


Basic Information

Artist:Liang, Ren-Hung

Dimensions:Diameter 280 cm、Thick 45 cm


Steel, spray paint, mechanical parts (bearings), wooden frames, PVC extrusions



The Concept of Design

According to Laozi, water is in possession of the ultimate form of virtue as it nourishes all things in the world, yet it does not contend. However, there seems to be the exact opposite trend unfurling in our society. Through an increasingly forced human dominion, we have become accustomed to the idea that we are somehow in absolute control of nature, when in fact, it really is the other way around. The truth is, we have somehow come to view ourselves as the singular golden standard in which the world is obliged to measure itself up against. Not surprisingly, all of these actions contradict with Laozi's main body of teachings.   Nature reminds us of its own set of standards in form of the distant, yet constant horizon. This immutable line seems to tell us that everything shall return a state of equilibrium, in spite of external instabilities. Coincidently, this is what nature had intended all along, regardless of human interventions.


Production Process:





Setting Process:






Finished Product:









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