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The original information and life



The original information and life


Basic Information

Artist:Lai Ting Wen、Ma Chun Fu

Dimensions:Length 200 cm、Width 85 cm、Hight 200 cm

Material:Stainless steel


The Concept of Design

The works by a group of genes coding is generally called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of stainless steel molded shape ball to start the series, link to form water grouper modeling, coding DNA "biological most original blueprint, and then bred from new patterns ─ seawater grouper shape. The works overall configuration of the use of stainless steel and stainless steel ball production, the colors rendered by the stainless steel, not any color, because the tripping color mirror, reflecting the color, it is possible to have strongly evoke the material of the texture, while the gap between the ball and the ball, blank contains timing and space, of course, includes the abstraction of biologically generated turnover.


Setting Process:

Setting Process

Setting Process 2


Finished Product:

Finished Product

Finished Product 2