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Basic information

Artist:Liang , Jen Hung

Dimensions:Length 80 cm、Width 80 cm、Hight 240 cm

Material:Stainless steel , paint



The Concept of Design

Whale sounds are the ones that were collected by human during the communication among whales. These sounds convey the information and emotion of whales, the whale community takes sound to contact, declare, flirt or alert of being the communicate behaviors. The man-made environmental sounds rapidly invade the whale's habitat, the complex environmental noise impacted the communication effectiveness of the whales, and furthermore, it impact the existence, hence the environment crisis grows. Sigh, sigh, the series of sighs! That's the whine breaking out from the water and uttered by the whales.


Creative statement

<Whaleclamation> use the theory of buoys to set in the water, it floats according to the water level and marks the shift range by fixing the anchor. 


Setting Process:

Setting Process

Setting Process 2


Finished Product:

Finished Product

Finished Project 2

Finished Project