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Grows continually



Grows continually


Basic Information

Artist:Dawn, Chen-ping

Dimensions:Length 1000 cm、Width 500 cm、Hight 500 cm




The Concept of Design

Expressing the Historical value of fishing and agriculture as well as academic significance from newly established colleges in An-nan district, this artwork adopts the shape of a pyramid with a plaid design and interweaving surfaces complimented with a single triangular entrance at the bottom of each face.  This emphrasizes the peak of academic achievement as the top of “ a pile of salt,” establishing a stable foundation.  The climbing ivy along the pyramid, its sprout at the tip of pyramid, symbolizes a new life from natural replication.  During the night, bright lights shine from within each square opening of the pyramid from top to bottom imitating sparkling salt crystals that bring a concept of never ending lives.


Setting Process:

  Setting Process

Setting Process 2

Setting Process 3

Setting Process 4

Setting Process 5

Setting Process 6

Setting Process 7

Setting Process 8


Finished Product:

Finished Product

Finished Product 2