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Wriggling with Spring Breeze



Wriggling with Spring Breeze


Basic Information

Artist:Liang, Ren-Hung

Dimensions:Length 120 cm、Width 393 cm、Hight 675 cm

Material:Stainless Steel、Aluminum、Paint



The Concept of Design

Spring breeze is always compared with the infinity of life.

Life showing us without fictitious nor exaggerated affectation.

Tender and soft wriggling appears the rhythm of rippling .

Campus has an amazing energy to youth and life itself.

The atmosphere seems like bathing in the spring breeze.

The renew project of the auditorium makes more possibility. The seed of art likes seed sowing in spring.

The sprig likes worm creeping and reaching to all over.

The movement of life written by art, the rhythm of life conducts by itself.

The power of move comes from the wind of nourishing land.

Shall the Breeze and wriggle play the symphony of spring.


Setting Process:

Setting Process

Setting Process 2

Setting Process 3

Setting Process 4

Setting Process 5

Setting Process 6


Finished Product:

Finished Project

Finished Project 2

Finished Project 3