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[Exhibition] Rain on the Platform - Tan Lijie, Selected Works 2024/5/6-6/7

Rain on the Platform - Tan Lijie, Selected Works
Date / 2024.05.06 – 06.07
Opening Reception / 2024.05.11 Sat. 14:00
Venue / NCKU Art Gallery
Curators / Lynne Howarth-Gladston, Paul Gladston
Artist / TAN Lijie
Organizing Unit/ UNSW Sydney, NCKU Art Center

This exhibition showcases video and other photographic works by the artist Tan Lijie evocative of multiple shifting encounters between lived realities and enchanted realms.
Tan’s work is informed by personal concerns about the controlling expectations and devastating environmental impact of present-day, materially obsessed, societies. It is also marked by the residual traces of traditional Chinese Confucian-literati culture and its aspirations toward a harmonious – mutually sustaining – aestheticized reciprocity between humanity, Nature and the heavenly.
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