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[Lecture] Conservation and Restoration of the Outdoor Sculpture / 2023.10.13 Fri. 13:10

Topic / Conservation and Restoration of the Outdoor Sculpture
Time / 2023.10.13 Fri. 13:10-15:00
Speaker / Li, I-Cheng / CEOof Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Preservation and Restoration Start-up Technology Research Center 
Host / Ming TURNER / Director of Visual Arts and Performing Arts Section, Art Center
Venue / International Conference Hall 1st Lecture Room (Kuang-Fu Campus Student Activity Center B1)
“Learning by Practice” Course
NCKU has many art works, and in addition to the initial installation of these works, the life cycle of the works is closely related to their subsequent management and maintenance. This time, we have invited professional speakers experienced in working in the field of art restoration for many years to share their various cases and important concepts in outdoor sculpture maintenance and restoration from over the years. Thus, from the perspective of artwork conservation, we will open a new discussion on different aspects of campus-based artworks.
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