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[Lecture] Generative Human-AI Co-performance / 2023.10.17 Tue. 19:00

2023 “Chanting and Narrating: Memo to the Next Era of Art Boom” Series:
Topic / Generative Human-AI Co-performance
Time / 2023.10.17 Tue. 19:00
Speaker / YANG Yu-chiao / Folktale Oral Performance Artist
Venue / International Conference Hall 1st Lecture Room (Kuang-Fu Campus Student Activity Center B1)
“Learning by Practice” Course
This year, Cloud Gate Artistic Director CHENG Tsung-lung teamed up with Daito MANABE, using AI and technology to transform dancers’ muscles and breaths during performances into data. By bringing art and computer program together, a dance performance titled “WAVES” that overcomes dancers’ physical limitations was created. Prior to this dance performance, we will share on social media a variety of visual works co-created by YANG Yu-chiao and AI, where the visual works can be used to complement WAVES, and vice versa.
This lecture will allow the audience to better understand the role of AI in people’s daily lives in the future, and familiarize them with human-AI collaboration. Through simple on-site demonstrations and interactions, the audience will learn to appreciate the depth and marvelousness of WAVES from an AI perspective.
About the Speaker 
The lecture speaker, YANG Yu-chiao, is a full-time folktale oral performance artist who is also engaged in research on oral literature and film narratology, tale poetics, and comparative storytelling. He regularly holds exhibition-style lecture “World Folktales”; and has studied piano and vocal music, participated in many opera productions, and delivered solo performances in concerts. In 2017, he combined vocal music, improvised performance, and oral performance art together to launch a series of experimental sound performances such as “Anamorphosis & Anatexis.” To date, he has been invited to participate in exhibitions and performances at numerous major art festivals.
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