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【Exhibition】2017.09.23(Sat.)~10.15(Sun.) ”NCKU Synergy Unity Tainan” NCKU Exhibition Proposal

“NCKU Synergy Unity Tainan” NCKU Exhibition Proposal


An open campus is linked to the city where it is situated. This event is a result derived from NCKU's exhibition project in 2017 Taiwan Exhibition Expo and the "wellbeing space", which consists of a main museum for design exhibitions and satellite museums, and is meant to create wellbeing through joint efforts.


Exhibition A:"YENTING CHO Movement — Pattern — Object”

Exhibition Duration:2017.09.23(Sat.)~10.15(Sun.)

Exhibition Venue:NCKU Gallery of Art Center(Kaung-Fu Campus)


 "YENTING CHO Movement — Pattern — Object” exhibition starts with the MovISee software developed by Dr. Yen-Ting Cho. With the interaction of the audience, the software produces one-of-a-kind personal images that can be further used in the design of furniture, chair cushions, fashion clothing, chocolate, fabrics, etc.



Exhibition B:" Hard + Pi = Happiness: Integrated Design Exhibition of NCKU Museum”

Exhibition Duration: 2017.09.30(Sat.)~10.15(Sun.)

Exhibition Venue: NCKU Museum(CHENG-KUNG CAMPUS)


 " Hard + Pi = Happiness: Integrated Design Exhibition of NCKU Museum” is curated by NCKU Museum, highlighting the attempt to improve people's cultural life and physical and mental health. The exhibition is divided into three categories: "Interdisciplinary Integration", "Cultural Assets", and "Bo Wu" (literally, "myriads of objects displayed in a museum", here referring to the uniqueness of NCKU and NCKU Museum).

The Proposal also includes two subevents: " Catching Fun " and "Open House NCKU", in the hope of displaying to the public NCKU's R&D, innovation, entrepreneurship, and design capabilities, as well as its rich cultural assets.




" Catching Fun "/ Lawn in front of NCKU Gallery of Art Center


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